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Lavuras Matilin's Artwork

【Diligence】【Hospitality】 are the spirits of Taiwanese people! For decades, people from all walks of life have worked diligently and repeatedly created “The Taiwan Economic Miracle”! From traditional manufacturing to the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers, it was truly an economic miracle for Taiwan. In terms of soft power, “Taiwanese Cuisine” is just as world-renowned. 85TD strives to present Taiwanese hospitality through exquisite and authentic Chinese cuisine on the 85th floor at the iconic landmark, Taipei 101. We are delighted to serve our guest's contemporary Chinese cuisine that highlights the authentic taste of the finest ingredients and creative touch. Delivering a unique dining experience to provide absolute guest satisfaction and fully demonstrating “Serving the world in Taiwan”.

Restaurant Entrance Artwork
Lavuras Matilin's works of art, made of logs, pottery, stainless steel, and copper...originated from Taiwanese indigenous people who left the mountains for Taipei, to work, to live, and to participate in the construction of "TAIPEI 101". He may not know that the sweat, devotion, and dedication to build the “Silver Mountain” will one day become a world-famous landmark. The message that the artist wants to depict through this artwork is to show that people from all walks of life, thousands of Taiwanese, in this generation inherited the “Taiwanese Spirit”.

Lavuras Matilin
Artwork Inspiration 

《Our Series Part One:
Looking down from the peak, I didn’t know it was 101》
An exchange after lunch, 
As sunlight shines onto the construction site, 
Lunch seating is anyplace with trees, 
Stories are lengthy, from mountain to city
Laughter beneath the sun,
Lunch with the descriptive imaginary, 
We arrived at the peak of the city……..
He said: I once stood at the highest steel beam
Lifeline protected my life 
Head with a vigilant helmet 
Secured all linked parts ……….
I touched the sky 
But I didn’t know it was 101 ……

《Man with Butterfly Wings, 
Series Part Two: Hunting Ground Reposition 》
A silver Mountain
Maybe a change of the mountain to support the family 
Mountain undisturbed 
Just an alteration of identity and hunting ground


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